X-Ray Copying

A copy of your X-Ray is an exact reproduction of one x-ray film to another. The copied films are viewed through a lightbox, like the original. X-Ray Copy Service can copy any x-ray type, such as CT, MRI, mammogram or industrial.


X-Ray Scanning

X-Rays are scanned and converted into high quality digital files. Common formats include DICOM, JPG, or TIFF. Digital files can easily be viewed on any PC, imported, exported, emailed or printed for exhibits.

X-Ray Printing

X-Rays from CDs can be printed on X-Ray film or as photos. X-Ray Copy Service can print ANY image onto X-Ray film including DICOM digital files. X-rays can be printed on their original size film or the size that you choose.


Custom Solutions

Convert selected images from MRI or CT to print on X-Ray or trial exhibit. We provide customers with consultation on where to start. We offer large scale digitizing, FTP access, trial exhibits, and custom PACS solutions.



high quality services by x-ray copy service



Highest Quality Services.
Let X-Ray Copy Service provide you with the highest quality services for the most competiive pricing in the industry.



specialized service by x-ray copy service



Specialized Expert Service.
X-Ray Copy Service is simply the best when it comes to x-rays. Our products are not limited to just x-rays!



hippa compliance with x-ray copy service



HIPAA Compliant.
X-Ray Copy Service provides x-ray film duplication and digital imaging services that are HIPAA compliant.




x-ray as art


X-Ray As Art.
Let X-Ray Copy Service provide you with that special gift for friends, family, and colleagues.  Simply send us your digital picture and we will turn it into a genuine hardcopy X-Ray.   



X-Ray Copy Service


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Do you have a question or comment about our service offerings? Call us 24 hours a day at 412-392-1952 or email us at info@xryacopyservice.com.


Advanced x-ray duplication and digital x-ray reproduction services. X-Ray Copy Service is the leader of x-ray duplication in America by providing advanced medical x-ray duplication and archival technology.


“I have to say that the access I have to upload our files to the

X-Ray Copy Service website has saved me on several occasions.  As a lawyer in the middle of complicated litigation, my time is limited and often my schedule is harried.  The timelines that I ask X-Ray Copy Service to meet are sometimes crazy, but their ability to meet them every time always amazes me.  Having the ability to upload my x-rays to the website allows me to get the formatted discs back the next day when necessary.  It has been such a benefit to me.  Thanks.


-Ashley Summitt, Esq.

Charleston, WV.


"Thank you for the EXCELLENT service. I received the xrays in lightning speed turnaround time. You answered presale questions quickly and made the whole process so easy. My phone calls were answered by helpful individuals, not voicemail. I appreciate your help and will recommend your service to anyone!"

A happy customer


Convert your x-rays into high quality digital images for many purposes such as archival, presentation, e-mail, viewing, etc.  Importing the files into litigation support software such as Trial Director, Summation and others have never been easier.


X-Ray Copy Service has built its reputation on quality. All jobs are performed by skilled professionals unlike other copy services. We utilize registered radiologic technologists with years of experience in various areas of diagnostic imaging. Whether it is mammography, sonography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, or general radiology, we have professionals skilled in those areas to make sure the work is exceptional. Medical photographers will provide you with high quality photographs needed in your presentation. QUALITY is our concern.


Since 1990, X-Ray Copy Service has been the leading provider of X-Ray copies, contact prints, positive prints, digital photographic prints, and digital imaging.  X-Ray Copy Service delivers the same high quality duplication and digital services for:


  • Lawyers
  • Medical Record Procurement Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Disability Determination Cases
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Copy Services
  • Industrial Companies
  • Medical Manufactures
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Hospitals
  • General Public




Explore the future of advanced x-ray duplication with digital x-ray reproduction by registered Radiologic Technologists.  Decades of experience gives you the highest quality copies and images with the quickest turnaround time in the industry.



Key Benefits by using X-Ray Copy Service: